Trivum Module

You can control high-end music multiroom systems produced by Trivum from iPad, iPhone, Mac, and from Android and Windows based devices. 


  • controlling volume (turning up/down) by slider and displaying the current volume level
  • control menu (play, pause, next, previous)
  • displaying information about the current track (artist, album name, album cover, track name)
  • navigation buttons (up, down, left, right, menu, back, exit)
  • playing music and Internet radio from the list

Supported model: MusicCenter v7 

Supported iRidium versions: V2.1 and later 

Application for launching the module on iOS/Android: 
i2 Control V2.1 and later 

Required licenses: iRidium for AV&Custom Systems: Device license Pro


 iRidium Trivum Module
Developer's web-site:
Download in iRidium Environment Download Trivum Module