Kontar Module

Kontar TCP/IP driver is aimed to control all controllers and extension modules, that are part of KONTAR software-hardware complex.
The driver can create a system to control any controller nets. As an example we offer a net, consisting of:
  1. Master-controller МС8.3
  2. Extension module МР8
  3. Extension module МА8.3

  • Getting feedback from the controller
  • Forming commands for the controller
  • Display of values of all variables, available according to the algorithm

  • manual
  • device base
  • demo project

Supported iRidium versions: V2.2.0 and later

Application for launching the module on iOS/Android: i2 Control V2.2 and later

Required licenses: iRidium for AV & Custom Systems: Device license Pro
ZAO "MZTA Engineering"
Developer's web-site:
Download Kontar Module