Onkyo Module

Network AV media players produced by Onkyo company (Japan) provide a user with high-quality assemble, high fidelity sound and products at low prices.  

A user can choose devices for home theatres and for setting a professional stereo system among Onkyo AV receivers. Onkyo will satisfy customers' demands. Engineers at Onkyo have thoroughly developed functions for excellent work of Multiroom devices.  

iRdium for Onkyo driver provides a user the following capabilities for controlling a media player from a sensor panel: 

  • choosing and setting Audio source in every zone (DVD, Tuner, CD, USB, etc.);
  • setting Audio interceprion mode (Stereo, Direct, Surround, Musical, etc.);
  • choosing and setting Audio output (Analog, HDMI, Auto);
  • regulating volume of Audio signals (increase, decrease, stop, set up form level)  for every zone;
  • switching on/off zones seperately;
  • navigation menu (up/down, right/left, forward/backwards, confirmation, switching to the main menu);
  • regulating wave frequency of radio signals (increase/decrease wave frequency).

Supported commutator models:  all AV receivers produced by Onkyo (TX-NR 5010, TX-NR5009, TX-NR 3010, TX-NR3009, TX-NR1009, TX-NR717, TX-NR616, TX-NR515, TX-NR414, TX-SR313) 
Supported iRidium versions: V2.1 and later 

Application for launching the module on iOS/Android: i2 Control V2.1 and later

Required licenses:  iRidium for AV&Custom Systems: Device license Pro


  • What does the Module consist of?
    The Module.zip file you are downloading. 
    A project of Module.irpz format which you can add to your automation project, modify it using iRidium GUI Editor or upload it on your control panel using iRidium Transfer. The project contains a ready interface created in the Metro style, a script for working with the driver, the driver itself with commands and feedback channels. 
    Description of iRidium GUI Editor 
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