Outdoor Stealth Home Theater (Tera Generation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.). Lahore, Pakistan


Outdoor Stealth Home Theater (Tera Generation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Type of project individual
Company Tera Generation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Location Lahore, Pakistan
Tasks set by the client in the project
"Designed to the outdoor Envy of the Neighborhood"

Project description
Entertainment lifestyles are moving out-of-door and in realization of the concept Tera Generation Solutions combined impressive engineering and hardware that provides dynamic full-range multi-channel surround sound to recreate the movie experience in client's backyard, custom designed to fulfill functional, environmental, sound-production and aesthetic goals customized media-server feeds the Panasonic 2K Full HD high-lumens large venue projection system to reach heights of excitement. Ultra-quiet projector lift mechanism conceals the projector securely in a weatherized assembly when in retracted state.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project
Achieving the actual 9.2 surround sound configuration in an outdoor environment was the most challenging, using plantation and other surfaces/fixtures as sound diffusers to help over all acoustics and sound signal distribution , repeated re-locations and most of all the primary concern was to keep it all entirely stealth. AV equipment had to be secure in a concealed humidity free environment due to it being close to a huge waterbody..

Control panles:
LINA wall - 1 pc
Logitech  harmony touch hand-help remote control - 1 pc
iPad - 1 pc

TIS Automation Equipment ; LINA wall Panel and iRidium hand-held control wireless app.
Panasonic Full HD 8000 Lumens Projector with long throw
Marantz AV Processor
Stewart Film Screen- Custom made and Motorized
TGS Media Server
Chief Projector Lift
Electro Voice Outdoor Speaker System
Extron HDMI signal Extender and Crestron Multimedia Switcher
Rotel Power Amplifiers