“Rakurs” Smart Office (Rakurs Elektro). Vladivostok, Russia


“Rakurs” Smart Office (Rakurs Elektro)

Type of project individual
Company Rakurs Elektro
Location Vladivostok, Russia
Project description:
The project of a two-storey office includes:
- control of light, blinds, climate (from wall-mounted switches and from a smartphone/tablet);
- activation of scenes from the app and with the help of Alice voice assistant;
- remote control;
- control from a plan.

The “Leave office” scene turns off light, a contactor, closes blinds, closes the screen (if there was a presentation), turn the thermostat into an economical mode. The scene can be activated with the help of a button switch at the door (by holding a button).

The “Enter office” scene turns on the contactor (not automated lighting), turn on main lights, opens blinds and switches the thermostat into the “Comfort” mode. The scene can be activated with the help of a button switch at the door (by pressing a button).

The “Presentation” scene turns off light on the ground floor, closes blinds and opens a screen.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
iRidium mobile is a convenient tool to configure and set interfaces. There are ready interface templates and icons.
Specialists of the company provide high-quality support – answer questions and suggest variants to realize scenes.
iRidium mobile has good Wiki with detailed manuals and numerous videos on YouTube. It helps to start configuring an automation system and an interface face fast.
iRidium mobile has a feature of remote access to the system.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project:
It was difficult to work with Yandex Alice and to get feedback from it.
Scaling an interface for different resolutions takes a lot of time.
It a control panel is updated and the version of the app is not updated, there appear errors with using an interface in the app – most buttons work, some buttons do wrong commands. That’s what when a control panel is updates, a new version of the app must be installed.

Control panels:
Galaxy S10, S10e, iPhone 11, iPad 9.7.

JUNG, KNX Integration Server, Yandex Station