"Party time" apartment in Perm  (Home Control). Perm, Russia

"Party time" apartment in Perm (Home Control)

Type of project Individual
Company Home Control
Location Perm, Russia
Project description
- 5 zones of modern climate control (recuperators, air conditioners, floor heating); - Smooth control of duct fans;
- Curtains control (Somfy electric drives);
- Water supply control with the transition to the storage boiler in the automatic mode;
- Automated control of lighting in the apartment, lobby and adjacent territory;
- LED lighting (White, RGBW, Starry sky);
- Integrated video surveillance and intercom system;
- Smart TV control;
- Smart lock (password, fingerprint) with the ability to open the apartment remotely;
- 4 zones of leakage control;
- 4 zones of smoke detectors;
- 4 zones with multifunctional sensors (temperature, humidity, illumination, motion, sound);
- Individual control interface from iRidium mobile;
- Event log;
- More than 10 scenarios ("I'm at home", "No one is at home", "Security", "Fire alarm", "Boiler", "Lighting by motion", "Schedule", etc.);
- Voice control.

Tasks set by the client in the project
Lighting, climate, security control. Accounting of resources. Intercom, video surveillance. Control of household appliances.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
We have combined the control of almost all equipment in one interface. We used a ready-made interface template for this, saving time and money. iRidium server on Linux was used to store scenarios and integrate voice control.

Difficulties you encountered while working on the project.
1. Integration of the Vizit coordinate-matrix intercom with the Tantos video intercom and i3pro. I had to install my own local virtual PBX and configure ports/protocols, etc. It didn’t work very stable due to port forwarding and SIP protocol.

2. The customer has the OPPO acoustic equipment for which there are no ready-made drivers. The OPPO API is closed and the manufacturer stopped supporting its application. As a result, it was not possible to get the acoustics into the system

Control panels :
License for 5 panels. The iPad is used as a mobile/stationary panel (the apartment is not large - 85 m2). And also the iPhones for the husband and wife.

Equipment of the project:
Wirenboard, Tantos, Dahua, Arlight, Beward, Legrand, Vizit.