The Chernomyrdin Museum (Amperum Ltd.). Cherny Otrog settlement, Orenburg region, Russia


The Chernomyrdin Museum (Amperum Ltd.)

Type of project individual
Company Amperum Ltd.
Location Cherny Otrog settlement, Orenburg region, Russia
Project description:
The Chernomyrdin Museum is a complex of buildings with a total area of about 10 000 sq.m. It consists of a 2-storey administrative building and a 4-storey museum building.

When the project of the museum was created the customer realized that such a large-scale project with numerous modern engineering systems required automation. We got a request to develop a system to control light to reduce electricity consumption of the museum buildings. But while analyzing the tasks that that the museum personnel will solve we offered to do more than simply to control light.

We realized the following with the help of iRidi and AMX.
• Control of 608 light groups – control of individual lights, control in complicated scenes; all light events are registered in an SQL database.
• Display in real time, collection and writing temperature and humidity date from 68 HDL THL sensors.
• Control of emergencies from equipment – an industrial UPS by Legrand KEOR-T, ventilation and humidity systems;
• Turning on/off od 14 projectors and 6 professional monitors: NEC, Panasonic, Qumi, Samsung;
• Control of servers of an interactive exposition based on Watchout.

The technical description of the solution:
The central controller of the system: AMX NI-3100.
The interface part: Iridi SITE license for 10 panels.
Control of light: relay, dimmable light via TRIAK, 0-10В, DALI, DMX-512; collection of data about emergencies via dry contacts, collection of temperature and humidity data- HDL Buspro.

iRidi is used:
• On PCs of the security system and the head engineer of the museum – operation control of light modes, temperature/humidity in the exhibition halls and storages, emergencies;
• On museum guides’ tablets – control of the interactive exposition during museum tours for tourist groups.

We developed a software solution for AMX controllers that works closely with iRidi interface. During commissioning and starting our solution does not require additional programming of AMX controllers or customization of the interface in iRidi Studio. All interface settings are done right in the user interface. One can change the names of the floors (sections) rooms, light groups, zones of temperature/humidity control and assign dimmers, relays. etc. to interface control items right in the interface on a tablet. It took 4 days to set a user interface in this project. We spent most of this time thinking of texts to write for 10 floors (sections), 63 rooms, 608 light groups, 68 zones of temperature control.

Why did you decide to use iRidium? How did it improve your project?
We have been working with iRidium since 2008. And there is simply no alternative for AMX controllers in the market!

AMX NI-3100, HDL Buspro.