Anax Hotel (Poseidwn Solutions)

Type of project individual
Company Poseidwn Solutions
Location Greece, Mykonos
Tasks set by the client in the project:
There were a number of tasks: - control of Outdoor Lights - control of Indoor Lights - time programs for Indoor/Outdoor Lights - scenes for Reception Lights - visualization of “Do Not Disturb” Indications for every Hotel Room - visualization of “Clean Up Room” Indications for every Hotel Room - visualization of Alerts caused by “Emergency Buttons” - visualization of Alerts caused by “Fire Alarm System” - easy to Use

Project description:
The scope of the project was to control the lights (indoor and Outdoor) of the Hotel with the most efficient and easy way. In addition indications "Do Not Disturb", "Clean Up Room" and Alerts caused by "Emergency Buttons” and "Fire Alarm System" must be visualized in order to notify in time the Reception of the Hotel.

Difficulties you faced while working on the project :
In general there were not any difficulties and when there was a need for help, iRidium Support was there to give a solution really quickly.

Control panels:
Windows PC - 1


KNX Power Supplies
KNX Line Couplers
KNX Switch Actuators
KNX Led 1-10 Dimmers
KNX Led 230V Dimmers
KNX Push Buttons
KNX Universal Interfaces
KNX Router IP Baos