App to control Smart home. Configuration without programming.
For installers and electricians


iRidium lite Capabilities

iRidium lite unique capabilities amaze: they enable installers
to create smart home control projects without programming

Without Programming

No need to program any more.
Everything is set on a smart
phone or tablet.


Make an interface in the language
your customer

User settings

You can let your customers change
macros, routines and schedules
or create their own ones.


Create any number
of actions on one button
without programming.

Routines and Schedules

Set routines and schedules
of equipment interaction.

iRidium store

Use ready modules or create
your own modules to control
different equipment.


A set of tools for visualization and logic.

i3 lite

User app that creates a project
to control Smart home, Smart office
or the whole building.

iRidium server

Software agent responsible for collecting
and analyzing data, for project logics,
scenes and schedules. It can be
installed on different hardware

iRidium cloud

Cloud solution to store ready
automation projects and remotely
update projects on iRidium
server and panels.

iRidium studio

Environment to develop modules
to control equipment.

Only for module developments

How It Works

Work in iRidium lite app is amazingly easy
i3 lite app
Create floors
and rooms in the
Set all
Set the
Give the project
to the customer
via iRidium cloud

Supported Equipment and Services

iRidium lite supports a wide variety of equipment for Smart homes and IoT devices.
Complete list of equipment is availabe in iRidium store — a store
of modules to control devices in i3 lite app.

Work with Server

i3 lite app combined with a server provides
wide automation oportunitities

Work 24/7

Always online. Continuous data
collection and execution of
routines and schedules.

Remote Control

Control your Smart home/office
from any part of the world
or via a local net with
no Internet access.

Data Storage

Collect, analyze and store data
received from equipment.


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