Developing Custom Drivers

Developing Custom Drivers

iRidium is integrated with 60+ brands of automation systems, Audio-Video equipment, IoT gadgets and the list is growing. If your equipment is not supported by us yet, it can be changed easily.

Why integrate with iRidium?

  • 2 300 system integrator working with iRidium can use your equipment;
  • your installers can make complex project adding to your equipment systems and IoT gadgets integrated in iRidium;
  • the geography of potential sales - 72 countries where iRidium is used and our dealers work.

Our development team is ready to integrate your equipment with iRidium - create a driver for iRidium pro and/or a module for iRidium lite.

Send us a request and we’ll get in touch with you:

Here are examples of custom drivers that were created by manufacturers’ orders:
  • BlueSound
  • Duotecno
  • Larnitech

How does it work?

You send us a request by filling in this form, we get in touch with you and get documentation for integration (API)

We look into the API, estimate the possible time and effort on creating a driver and send you a ready commercial offer with the cost and time of development.

We sign a development contract and our team starts creating a driver and doing internal tests - it depends on the complexity of the protocol.

We send you a beta-version of the driver. You test it and share test results with us. The driver is developed to a release version and a manual on setting the driver is prepared.

The driver is published and is available to all users of iRidium. We make a joint announcement about the integration.

On average, the process from a request to an announcement takes about 2 months.