Developer: iRidium



You can control Sonos music systems from iPad, iPhone, Mac, and from Android and Windows based devices. The application supports any Sonos system from V.3.8 and later.
Sonos module integrates with AMX, KNX, Crestron and other projects

- automatic connection with Sonos via local net WiFi
- playing music and the Internet radio all over the house, the same song can play synchronously all over the house or different songs can play in different rooms
- searching for tracks in the application and in other resources such as the local net
- sorting and playing tracks by alphabet, genre, album, etc.
- displaying your current track list
- scanning album covers in the sketch format or in the wide-screen mode
- controlling volume in one room or in all rooms at once
- iRidium for Sonos do not support Spotify and other applications