Trade Show

Developer: iRidium mobile

Trade Show Interface is meant to help you describe iRidium capabilities in a manner that is stylish and to the point.

The interface describes:

  • supported automation systems
  • supported А/V equipment and Media servers
  • platforms on which iRidium works
  • kinds of interfaces possible in iRidium
  • equipment connection scheme
  • iRidium licensing system
  • How to start work with iRidium?
  • SIP-Intercom
  • video cameras
  • different access level
  • reading QR codes
  • access to other apps from inside iRidium
  • iRidium Sсript
  • customized projects based on iRidium

 Trade Show Interface is made in iRidium GUI Editor and emulates the work of a real iRidium project but without any connection to equipment.