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Ekaterina Osnovina

Ekaterina Osnovina, head of iRidium technical support
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iRidium for Modbus

At the webinar you'll learn to:

  • create your own visualization projects;
  • choose licenses and upload projects on control devices;
  • choose Modbus driver and set equipment work via Modbus;
  • take into account peculiarities of work with different Modbus controllers;
  • control equipment in many ways (buttons, levels, triggers, etc.)

Outline of the webinar: 

1. Introduction: getting acquianted with iRidium software package.
2. Creating a new project in iRidium Studio:
   2.1. Basics of crating a graphical interface.
   2.2. Visualization capabilities in iRidium.
3. Work with iRidium Transfer. Uploading a project to control panels (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).
4. Setting connection with Modbus TCP, RTU, ASCII and TCP/IP-to-Modbus gates.
5. Setting registers: import and manual setting.
6. Work with registers with the help of project graphical items.
7. Getting acquianted with iRidium Server for Modbus.
8. Licensing in iRidium pro.