Rusty Keller

Rusty Keller, Global Caché Marketing Director

Olga Vorozhtsova

Olga Vorozhtsova, Development manager at iRidium mobile

Joint Webinar iRidium + Global Caché (the USA)

At the webinar you can learn:

  • advantages of using Global Cache devices in Audio/Video projects;
  • features of iTach models and GC 100 network adapters;
  • advantages of joint usage of iRidium and Global Cache devices;
  • how to control A/V equipment via Global Cache devices from smart phones.

Course Outline:

  • Why Global Caché? 
  • iTach Family Products.
  • GC 100 network adapters.
  • Unit configuration and infrastructure network.
  • What is iRidium? Why iRidium + Global Caché?
  • Setting up control of A/V equipment with the help of Global Caché IR-database.
  • iRidium ready graphic interfaces to control A/V equipment.
  • iRidium licensing system