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Ekaterina Osnovina

Ekaterina Osnovina, head of iRidium technical support
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How to Set iRidium Server?

At the webinar you can learn:

  • to choose the required configuration of iRidium server;
  • to install and set iRidium server.

Course Outline:
1. What is iRidium Server?
   1.1. Capabilities of iRidium server.
   1.2. Variants of iRidium server.
   1.3. Solution with preinstalled iRidium server - OnBox by Global Caché.

2. How to use iRidium server?
   2.1. Creation of a server project.
   2.2. Setting connection to the server.
   2.3. Control of variables.
   2.4. Creation of scenes.


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