Ekaterina Osnovina

Ekaterina Osnovina, head of iRidium technical support

iRidium for Global Caché, AV & Custom Systems

At the webinar you can learn to:

  • work in iRidium studio;
  • create drivers for one-way control of equipment via IR, RS232, IP;
  • set control of A/V equipment via Global Caché adapters;
  • choose a license.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction into iRidium pro.
2. Creating a new project in iRidium studio.
   2.1. Basics of creating a graphical interface.
   2.2. Setting connection between AV equipment and Global Caché.
   2.3. Setting control of AV equipment:
      2.3.1. directly via ТСР, UDP, HTTP protocols.
      2.3.2. via IR with the help of Global Caché iTach.
      2.3.3. via RS232 with the help of Global Caché iTach.
3. Licensing.

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